Solar Lighting for the Third World

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This is all it needs to reduce death, fire, and pollution – change the way you think – it’s OK….   You were right, now you get to be right again in 2012!!!


We present: The Solar Muscle: unlimited smart light for everybody

The new Solar Muscle, the best solar-powered LED light, from Flexiway SolarIn order to use solar-power, you need a Solar Muscle. Compacter, brighter, lighter, more waterproof, more functional, more powerful (both solarpanel + LED’s), better batteries and more durable than our first successful light, yet more affordable!

We have redesigned the light based on feedback from users and the United Nations, who had already approved our lights for the Carbonmarket. We surpass all specifications required by SolarAfrica with a huge margin.

  • Our light has no separate parts as the solarpanel is integrated
  • It has only one button with 3 settings: off, 50% or 100% of the LED’s will be on.
  • On a day’s charge in the sun at least 7-8 hours of light (on full power) or double that (on 50%) will be available.
  • It can handle the rain and dust and a drop onto concrete.
  • It is only 9x9x2,5 cm / 3.5×3.5×1 inch and weighs only 120grams, roughly 1/4 lb!
  • You can connect any number of Solar Muscles together for a wall of light: connect 4 for a Solar Square, or get your 6-pack for full 200 lumens power!

The first lab tests confirmed that real life Luminosity is 33 Lumens (other lights often use theoretical luminosity, which is normally 50% higher). This is 4 times as much as a typical rural kerosene lamp (source: pdf), so even at the 50% setting we will double the light output compared to the toxic kerosene lamps!

One smart new feature is the connector on the side of the light: you can now connect a few to dozens of lights together: get 4 lights and you have the Solar Squared, and when you want superpower, you get the Solar Muscle Sixpack! Every light alone delivers enough light to light a room (or a tent, toilet, hallway etc), but together they really rock!

Not only the Africans have used our lights to save money and their health and houses and safety in refugee camps, we have used it ourselves as well. In Australia we saved up to $100/month in electrical bills using a couple of lights, in Argentina we used them during trekkings, during power cuts and even to feed our baby and to read in the night!

What We Need & What You Get

This IndieGoGo project is different than many others: our light exists and has proven itselfand will definitely be produced. We have set our funding goal low as we offer the new lights to you here at such low margins that we cannot risk having to pay the additional 5% in IGG costs should we not reach our goal. Our real goal is $100.000 for this IndieGoGo project and millions more to eradicate entire countries of kerosene lamps.

What we need is to sell lights to the general public in developed countries in order to generate funds for a few essential next steps:

– Official Solar Africa (SA) lighting laboratory tests: these cost about $USD 3750 in total (tests +lights), but once finished our light is one of the few that are approved and promoted by the UN/SA. The sooner, the better.
– Marketing, travel and setting up distribution: we need to send out many lights in order to get into new markets, both in developing as well as developed countries, update our websites and other marketing materials. Though we try to minimize travel, we still need to see our clients, factory, partners, trade fairs and others in person.
– Setting up new projects in other developing countries: we always need to donate the first batch of lights in order to introduce them and show the benefits and to get UN approval.

Our lights are and will be sold to partners in developing countries for less than cost (cost = production costs + development costs + time worked by us). This is only possible because we have not paid ourselves a single cent so far and invested our own money. We will need to get paid at some point, but we won’t charge more to NGO’s and local projects. Instead we will sell these incredible lights to the general public, to subsidize our other projects while offering great lights against a great price to everybody.
The final price in the countries depend on transport options, order size, urgency, local taxes and fees and distribution costs, but should be lower than $10/light in most cases.

What you get is 3 choices and you can choose all!

– Help out one of our supported projects (Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, more to come) by donating lights. Every light donated will save a family up to $100/year (which is 25% of average household income) + save them from burns, lung disease and will improve their standards of living!
– Get our light for less than it will be sold for online later this year. You will help both yourself as us! For larger store or company orders, we can even create personalized lights (your own colour or logo).
– Support our efforts, either by one or both of the above or by donating directly to us as well

Our light will be produced for sure, we have already pre-paid our next order which will start soon 9after Chinese New year!), delivery to us is expected early April, so then we can start sending them out. So if you order you will get one at the end of the project for sure, even if we do not reach our goal. However, if more are ordered/donated through IndieGoGo, we can make a much larger production run, lowering costs for transport etc.

Our NGO partners and emergencies (floodings, earthquakes etc) will get priority when we receive the lights we already ordered, but if you order here on IGG, we will add new lights to the order and you will be the first to get them when they arrive!

Perks and benefits

The best you get is the knowledge that you are helping out the less fortunate as well as our planet. In addition, you can receive your own Solar Muscle lights against a discounted price. The lights are extremely useful and cost-saving. See all details in the sidebar for the perks. Most already include shipping!

Other Ways You Can Help

We appreciate your order and donations beyond what words can express. But if you want to help out even more or cannot afford a light at this moment, please help us in other ways:


(1): Share! Spread the word about our IndieGoGo project, our light and our website to your FB friends, Twitter followers, G+ circles, blog readers family, colleagues and even the guy/girl sitting next to you right now (it’s a great conversation opener)!

(2): Lead by example: use less fossil fuel, cycle where possible, and show the benefits of solar-power and renewable energy to others.

(3): Offset your business: contact us to discuss the possibilities by offsetting your company’s CO2, by donating lights to one of our projects.

(4) Set up projects yourselves: we supply larger amounts of lights against even lower costs, especially to NGO’s and other positive projects aimed at helping rather than profiting. Please see our info for NGO’s on our website about how we can help each other.




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