During our recent trip overseas, I was able to take a side journey to the amazing Republic of Fortunata.

Lost in the Indian Ocean, forgotten by the Seychelles and the Maldives, saner than the political turmoil in the Australian Territories of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands – The Fortunata Island Group boasts a dozen or so main islands including the incredible island of Caverna – playground of the rich and (in)famous!!  Dozens of tiny islands that have their own crazy monkeys and birds… and so quiet!

The islands are tax free (for residents) and it’s harder to get in than it is for Americans to get into Australia!!!

The whole of the islands are solar powered – even the vehicles – mainly like little golf carts, are all solar powered or solar recharged – but the beaches… ohh my goodness… pristine – idyllic – heavenly!

Apparently they make money from mining on a few of the outlying islands, and there are dozens of internet companies with headquarters on the main islands.

Clean modern accommodation – I have dreamed of a place like this for so long!

There is a link to Fortunata for anyone that wants to visit – Republic of Fortunata

I’m trying to buy an official to get us in there…. any donations accepted!


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