Power to the People

While Christmas is upon us, I am besieged by new concepts in the harnessing of the energy that surrounds us. If  the multi-nationals that currently control our energy, particularly electricity, can let go of their monopolies and foster this new technology, the world will change for the better in as little as 5 years.

The  nano technology research from multiple organizations that is being refined is converging quickly to become products that think. Rather than Military grab all the benefits and leave us out in the cold, we need to lobby for the availability of these technologies to be implemented as early as possible for the greater good.

Now available:

A film that can be placed over any object that converts the electrons into electricity, light and rather than being stored, can be beamed to any other user freely. Every object that can be manufactured, can be a power creator without needing to have a battery. Reduction in size, reduction in heavy metals used in batteries and circuits etc…

The existing grid can be implemented, but as an ‘averaging distribution network’ so that power, light and energy is available to everyone, freely. Where there is no network, the concept of the Tesla tower to grab energy could be implemented, but the addition of film on buildings is ample to supply that building’s power requirements.

This technology is available now – we need pressure to get it accepted, to get the monopolies to relinquish power and turn it back to the people, to help employ those coalworkers that never need to climb in a hole again.

This video is from http://www.nanoholdings.com an organization destined to change the world.

Link – >  The future of Free Energy

I sincerely feel a genuine breakthrough has been made that may well open the 21st century as the nano-age. I would love to see more information.

From their site: “Nanoholdings is focused on developing nano-tech solutions across the four sectors of the energy economy – Generation, Transmission, Storage and Conservation – turning nanotech breakthroughs into commercially viable products and solutions. Our involvement in nano-energy, and its most important discoveries, is expanding rapidly and we are constantly working to find the next opportunities.”


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