Latitude Plus

I’m impressed with what I have seen of Google Latitude – I am sure that this technology will become ‘normal’ in a short time and not just be a geek thing.

I have identified a number of Vertical Markets that would be ideal for Google Latitude 2 or a similar product.

While I don’t wish to expose too much information at this time, the general concept is to assist 2 (moving) users to zero in on each other and meet.

The users may not necessarily be one of your Google Contacts, but fellow members of an organization that allows an ‘opt in’ service.

e.g. As a member of Red Cross, a transplant courier can be met on the road and goods transferred to another courier.

Naturally an interface with GPS to provide updated driving directions could be incorporated.

The major difference is that these individual members would be able to opt in/out from a Virtual or Private Database held by the (Red Cross) Organization.

I have identified a series of real world Vertical Markets that would benefit greatly from this technology, when it becomes available.


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