Flawless – not quite

The following is a letter I sent to the group known as Flawless Magazine on behalf of a Photographic Group that I belong to. I was asked to review the magazine.
The email was sent on November 16th, 2011  So, 30 days later – No response….
To me, the response speaks volumes.  There is no need to have a dialogue with someone that might question their integrity, when 10’s of thousands of others will beg to be published, without questioning a thing.
Perhaps we all need to ask questions like these, before we submit our efforts to people that will churn them, make money from them and not respond to legitimate questions about their policy.
As always, you be the judge.
I was recently contacted by the representative of a large photographers’ group asking me to review Flawless for them.
I have been involved as a Haute Couture Photographer between 1973 and 2003, mainly covering Fashion Shows in Europe and acting as a relief photographer in Asia and Australia. I have had images published in a wide variety of ‘Fashion Magazine’ in Europe, Asia and Oceania. In recent years I have semi-retired, (travel takes its toll) although I still shoot for Art, rarely for Money these days.
In order to be as unbiased as possible, I wonder if you would respond to some general queries about the direction of Flawless?
My initial impressions of Flawless led me to query whether it was aimed at the Fashion Industry (Apparel Buyers/Designers/Textile Fabricators etc…) the Modeling Industry, (Models/MUAs, Beauty Providers, Tanning Salons, Cosmetics, Nail Care etc…) or the Photographic Industry, (Lighting, Creative Inspiration, New Techniques, Photographic Principles etc…)
Do you have a statement on your Target Market?
Your lead-time for new themed submissions currently appears to be approximately one month.
Do you feel that amount of time lends itself to submissions from Amateurs more than Commercial Photographers?
As no payment appears to be made to photographers, models or other talent, do you feel that your submission base will become purely Amateur?
Does Flawless have a policy that will allow work to be published on its merits, even if it is ‘out of theme’.
How would you describe the main differences between Flawless and other (e)Magazines?
If Flawless was described as ModelMayhem’s Pic of the Day or Theme Magazine, how would you respond?
Does Flawless have a policy on accepting paid advertisements?
If Flawless was described as a Vanity Publishing vehicle for friends of the company, how would you respond?
Carrie Leigh’s Nude -The Art of Women Magazine has been operating for over three years now, apart from the ‘content’ do you see any parallels with that magazine?
Thank you so much for your patience. I trust that we will be able to increase your readership and acceptance into a very crowded marketplace.
My only criticism of what I have seen is… the fadeout in the ‘spine’!!! The worst thing about paper, made its way back to digital! Obviously, I’m not a fan of that effect!
-Beau Nestor

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