Lunar Eclipse… where?

Two hours to the Lunar Eclipse and the clouds are rolling in – might make for interesting  effects, might kill the effect – we’ll see.

I spent a bit of time working out the exact angle of the sun, the moon and the best place to view from, then I stopped and thought… for the Umbra to be ‘projecting’ a perfect shadow, the sun has to be directly underfoot, and for it to be a perfect eclipse, the moon will need to be perfectly overhead – so, logic dictates, nothing to work out… the moon will be high in the sky and then magically be shadowed to deep red. This will occur 1/2 way between sunset and sunrise – i.e. at the Middle of the night – or…. Midnight!

Hmmmm my brain is sometimes too busy looking at hard to see simple!

If I get a good shot, I’ll pass it on – chances are, it won’t happen.

A Facebook friend has a wonderful series poster, contact him at for his Lunar Eclipse images!

Lunar Eclipse Dec 11, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Dec 11, 2011 by Dave Cracknell


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