Flatjacks Virus

Those confetti to coin size pieces of super thin plastic known as FlatJacks have apparently been creeping into our lives and are set to change more than the original advertising tokens that they were designed for.   A few games that use them, probably like the old Tazos that I remember my kids playing, and then, I expected they would fade as fads do.

About this time, thin film plastic batteries started to creep in to domestic use – in simple things like greeting cards etc…

The union of thin film batteries to FlatJacks had to happen, so now we have these tiny plastic pieces, glowing, talking and even moving.

These have invaded the whole of the ad industry, and of course, the spammers have got hold of them. Apart from the glowing and flashing disc with tiny messages on them, the moving ones can slide across tables, and because they are so sharp, they can even slide in under your skin, and run around glowing and flashing their messages being recharged by the electrical impulses under the skin.

These have become the new tattoos and piercings all in one. With a tiny wristwatch style controller, they can be made to glow and pulse to the beat of music, assemble in color patterns and spell out messages under the skin.

I know they have a new medical application, because I woke from anesthetic with my body completely filled with them, running around flashing the required time and dosage of my pain medication.

The wonders of modern science!


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