USB Ports required

It has come to my attention that the most advanced piece of technology, holding more data than a Google Server, has no USB port for hi-speed up/downloading of data.

This is troubling.

With data flying around the universe at breakneck speed, the ability to tap into it appears entirely limited by the input methods. 

We would all benefit from a simple USB port nicely tucked away in the web of our fingers, supplying data to and from the universe.

Currently our language/sensory skills allow us to absorb data via images and words, this is also not good enough. This requires the eyes to be the receptors and they are way too slow, inaccurate and subject to nicely balanced lighting. 

All the B Grade Sci-Fi movies had us wearing pudding bowls with antennae and wires squiggling out to transfer our thoughts from one to another – the concept was plausible enough for the times.  Virtual Reality headsets still relied on the eyes to be the primary sensors, and acquiring knowledge was still an ‘active’ task.

Today we need the following, and I recommend that the distribution system is eBay, Amazon or maybe even iTunes.

1/ A new internationally accepted language which I will call Worpics, that is neither and both, words and pictures. The idea of a universal method of storing, receiving and interacting with data no longer needs to be based on words nor pictures, but an amalgamation of the data or concepts that are to be transferred.  

2/ A new internationally accepted standard human interface that allows direct (overnight) downloading to the brain.

3/ eBooks for the mind, written in Worpics, that are available for all to download, direct from iTunes etc…

The obvious advantages are … well.. obvious.

Instead of explaining an image to someone, it would be possible to download it to them, even better, download a concept, a thought or a whole university course.

Knowledge would be absorbed at an alarming rate, and given the brain’s synaptic indexing, cross references could be made together with user experience creating new, exciting facts.

The latest mobile technology has the limitation of requiring eyes and hands to move data around, yet they keep striving for a more user friendly interface with swiping, scrolling and flipping – perhaps its time to really think-tank this and get some neurons activated.

“Worpics – hi-speed concept transfer, new from Beau”


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